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The Flavors


Inspired by traditional mabí, but with a twist. A new, refreshing version, perfect to enjoy as a pick-me-up drink, after a workout to cool down, outdoors with friends or even as an evening drink with a dash of tequila to relax after a long day. Not too sweet, balanced, citrusy, energizing, and refreshing. You're gonna love it!

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Activate yourself in the morning with this balanced & refreshing drink. It has green tea to wake you up, peppermint to kindle your senses, chamomile and lavender to balance the energy boost from the green tea. The combination of fresh ginger & lemons, lemon balm, and mauby bark will elevate you and make you feel ready to start your day.

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The vibrant red color brings nostalgia as it reminds us of old school kid’s drinks. This is why we called it Childhood Bliss. This one’s here to bring your inner kid out! Enjoy the complex and elevated flavor from the hibiscus flower, mauby bark, ginger, and anise seeds. Tart, fruity, semi-sweet. It's fun, daring, refreshing, tropical, all natural.

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