The Deli's Labor Day Picks

We have been featured in The Deli's Labor Day picks of 2021! Check it out!!


MABÏ'S Childhood Bliss Tree Bark Brew

Born in New York to a Dominican father and Dominican-Chinese mother, Ana Bautista’s brand is an homage to her culture. MABÏ draws inspiration from Mauby, a tree bark-based spiced herbal drink widely consumed in the Caribbean. Her take is a remix of the classic: unlike Mauby, MABÏ is not fermented, uses a monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar, and comes in playful flavors like Morning Wood and Childhood Bliss. “It’s a simple, refreshing, non alcoholic herbal drink. Each flavor is perfect on its own,” Bautista says. “But MABÏ can also be used as a mixer to create a clean, earthy and floral cocktail.” One of her favorites is the MABÏ Cosmo, comprised of three parts MABÏ Childhood Bliss and one part white tequila. Just shake in a mixer with ice, garnish with lemon or lime, and serve in a martini glass. Salud!  


Special thanks to The Deli, Anna Polonsky, Polonsky & Friends, and Teddy Wolff.


Photo credits: Teddy Wolff.