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Do you believe that MABÏ is a helpful part of a health and wellness routine and mindful lifestyle? Why?
"Absolutely. Traditional mauby drink originated from the Taínos, and was consumed not only to cool off the body but also as a folk remedy. Research has shown that the mauby bark helps to reduce cholesterol, balance digestion, and is good for arthritis, diabetes, and lowering blood pressure. That’s just from the main ingredient: mauby bark. Each bottle of MABÏ is filled with natural ingredients only. We use cinnamon, cloves, and anise seeds (anise is considered a super herb: a unique plant that works to benefit the human body and has a long history of traditional use in many cultures). These ingredients are filled with antioxidants. Monk fruit sweetener, considered a superfood, is also filled with antioxidants. It was used in ancient medicine and is natural and completely safe for diabetics. We use only fresh ginger, mint, and lemons; and all the other herbs we use, such as green tea, rooibos, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, etc., have positive benefits. MABÏ is a super refreshing plant-based drink, with very unique flavors, no calories, and no sugar."